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With: Pastor Roger Williams

9/29/2020 Pass The Mic 16 HP  *
9/22/2020 Pass The Mic 15 HP  *
9/15/2020 Pass The Mic 14 HP  *
9/08/2020 Pass The Mic 13 HP  *
09/06/2020 Worship Service
9/01/2020 Pass The Mic 12 HP  *
08/25/2020 Pass The Mic 11 RJ   HR   HP  *
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08/09/2020 Worship Service
07/21/2020 Pass The Mic 8 RJ   HR   HP  *
07/15/2020 Minister King Sernon
03/14/2020 * Pastor: Roger Williams Worship & Sernon *
03/07/2020 * Pastor: Roger Williams Worship & Sernon *
03/01/2020 * Pastor: Roger Williams Worship & Sernon *
02/16/2020 Pastor: Roger Williams Worship
02/07/2020 * Pass The Mic 7 HR   HP  *
01/24/2020 * Pass The Mic 5 RJ   HR   HP   All
01/19/2020 Evangelist: Chariotle Gibson On Your Toumbstone
1/17/2020 * Pass The Mic 4 RJ   HR   SH   HP *  RW
1/10/2020 * Pass The Mic 3 RJ   BA  SH   HR  HP *  RW  
1/5/2020 Minister: HR Kidd Remment Anointing
12/20/2019 * Pass The Mic 2 RJ   HR   HP *   RW  
12/13/2019 * Pass The Mic 1 Salvation by Grace  HP * 
09/29/2019 Minister: HR Kidd Audio
09/22/2019 * Bible Teacher: Herman Parks Unity Of God 2 *
09/15/2019 Pastor: Roger Williams Audio
09/08/2019 Pastor: RogerWilliams Audio
08/25/2019 Pastor: Michael Smith Audio
08/18/2019 Minister: Marco Scott Audio
08/11/2019 * Bible Teacher: Herman Parks Born Again  HP*
08/04/2019 Minister - HR Kidd Stop Sleeping With Enemy
07/21/2019 * If My People - 5 Different Speakers RK HR MS HP * WE RJ CD
06/16/2019 Pastor: Roger Willims Audio
06/09/2019 Bible Teacher: Herman Parks Speaking In Tongurs

- WHO   WE   ARE -

Pastor: Roger Williams

Minster: HR Kidd Bible Teacher: Herman Parks Minister: Robin Johnson Minister: Marco Scott

1st Lady: Linda Williams

Miss: Cowan Debra Pass The Mic 2 Me Miss Wehunt Mrs. Randa Elane Kidd


Inner Fountain Ministry is a teaching ministry. It is based on Matthew 29:19 which says, go ye therefore and teach ... The emphasis is on teaching. That is making disciples in contrast to converts. The word that is translated teach means disciple. It is translated so in most bible translations. A disciple is like his master. He is a pupil, a learner, a follower, and a scholar. It is implying something similar to what we would call an apprenticeship. Where you not only sit and get instruction, but you apply it, and put the things you are taught into practice, under the apprenticeship of a master teacher.

I believe that one reason people have knowingly focused on going out and making converts instead of disciples in direct opposition to what Jesus commanded us to do is because they see the situation, they see the statistics about how many people die every day without knowing Jesus. Thus, they enter into a crisis mentality. They feel compelled to get as many people born again as they can, and as fast as they can. The priority is put on conversion. We the church, have not been making disciples, we have been making converts instead.

Thus the objective of .. "Pass The Mic" .. is to give as many people as possible, regular practice in teaching. The mission of the church as a whole, is to teach people how to teach people. To have a six month or even a year's lesson plan. To teach students what to say, what questions to ask. What homework assignments to give. We do not have to start from scratch. There are those who have written these things down for our learning, that we through obedience to the word would not cause God's plan in our life to be in vain.

For what did Samuel say to Saul. 1 Samuel 13:13 ...Thou hast done foolishly: thou hast not kept the commandment of the LORD thy God .... Thus, Go yee therefore, and teach, all nations.



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